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What Key for the "B" in StraBe?

What key do you use for in StraBe for street ... if I use a "B" it says it is incorrect so what key on the keyboard is used to created that big B?

March 7, 2018


[deactivated user]

    if I use a "B" it says it is incorrect

    Yes, because it's not a B, it's an Eszett. So alike yet so different.

    You have the German special characters on your screen surely. Either way, the alt code for the Eszett is ALT+0223.


    In addition to the other answers, you can replace the character ß by ss. Duolingo will say "Pay attention to the ß character", but the answer is accepted because it is a standard alternative. But you should the ß every time you can.


    Even in German we often replace the ß by ss. For example when you write block letters (=capitalize every letter) or if it is pressed abroad I guess or written in special writing programs. In Switzerland they even do not have the ß at all. And the Rechtschreibreform (?) in 2006 changed the rule when to use ß and when to use ss completely. Now you use ß after long vacals and ss after short ones. Even in the alphabetical order the ß is in the same position as the ss.

    So just use ss instead of ß if it is too expensive for you. Even many Germans use them wrong because they are confused.


    Last year the big Eszett actually got recognized as a real German letter, writing "ss" when using all caps is still accepted though.
    Thank god, since the big ẞ looks weird and shift+ß is a question mark on the German keyboard.


    There was even a post about the difference between ss and ß some weeks ago. You can click here if you want to read it.

    PS: I think you should not comment there since it was posted 4 weeks ago.

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, I posted this video on the new major case ß a while ago:



      Like Nuno said it's not a "B" it's "ß" a German letter ("Eszett" or "Scharf-S" - the latter is the word I learned as a child). There's a bigger difference between the two letters in handwriting. It looks kind of like this:

      image of handwritten ß

      He already told you the alt-code, but in case you've set your keyboard to German because of our weird letters and are looking for the location - it's the key on the right side of the "0" on the numbers line above the letters and thus right above the "P"-key.


      "scharfes S" contains the adjective "scharf" (spicy, sharp). So you have to declinate it. ein scharfes S, das scharfe S... I have never heard "Scharf-S" with "-" before.

      Setting the keyboard to the language you are learning while learning, is a good idea. I also do that when learning spanish because of the ñ. The advantage for the pair English-German is that you can write every English letter with a German keyboard (German-Spanish is not like this.). Just notice that on German keyboard the z and the y are exchanged.


      "scharfes S" contains the adjective "scharf" (spicy, sharp). So you have to declinate it. ein scharfes S, das scharfe S... I have never heard "Scharf-S" with "-" before.

      Might be a regional thing then. I'm a native German speaker and I've learned it as "Scharf-S" as in "Straße schreibt man mit Scharf-S" so it's "ein Scharf-S" and "das Scharf-S".

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      Duden seems to be happy with both variants (as well as "Eszett", of course).


      Interesting! So where are you from? I am from the Rhineland.


      Not that far actually. I'm from Baden-Württemberg (you know the Land that even advertises with "Mir kennet ells, außer Hochdeutsch" so whenever there's a difference in language use I always assume it's regional. ;) )

      But since according to pont and Duden both versions seems to officially exist, so maybe it's also personal preference of the primary school teachers?


      Das ist warscheinlich zu verstehen wie Rotkraut, das nennt man auch nicht rotes ❤❤❤❤❤. Scharf-S habe ich allerdings vorher noch nie gehört (Nordhessen). Bei uns hieß es auch scharfes S oder Eszett.


      On my Mac I just have to type alt+S... Super easy.

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      Ich auch! Weil ich einen Mac habe.


      You can write ss and it will except it.In Switzerland there is actually no ß.


      or ALT+225, depending on your OS

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      What OS uses alt+0223 for ß?


      there's an on-screen keyboard for any "special" characters, anyway. including the umlauts.

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      There is more than one way to skin a cat; especially on computers.


      The "B" is actually pronounced at two S's :) So when you see that letter in a word such as "Street" in German it is pronounced as "Strasse" Stah- Se

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