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How do you use,"Der ,Die, und Das" in sentences?

can someone walk me trough this?

March 7, 2018



"der, die, und das" mean "the". There are three of them for the three gender cases. Der is masculine, Die is feminine, and Das is neuter.

Der Mann Die Frau Das Mädchen


To say "The man is drinking water" in German you would say, "Der Mann trinkt Wasser"

To say "The woman likes the bread" in German, you would say "Die Frau mag das Brot"

I hope this helps, please let me know if my explanation was confusing and I'll try to explain it better.


Suuuuper helpful, danke!


I'm glad that I could help! gern geschehen!

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Rari77 - I up-voted you just for trying. Gut gemacht!


...and die is "the" when there is more than one thing.


that's super helpful danke!


honest answer? you have to memorise it. cause even though there is a rule saying der is male, die is femala and das neural you can not follow your logic... not everythin that actually is neutral is das in german example: the table is an object so would asume it has to be neutral thus das Tisch but it is der Tisch.

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