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Why is 'que' used in the sentence and is it necessary?

Can someone please tell me why 'que' is used in this sentence (in the instance of 'sans que') and whether it's necessary? 'Ils peuvent sortir sans que leurs parents s'inquiètent d'eux parce qu'ils peuvent les contacter à tout moment' Thanks a lot :)

March 7, 2018



I believe that it is necessary because there are two different subjects of the sentence. Ils vs leurs parents and the sans que is used to represent that.

Have a look here for a better explanation: https://www.frenchspanishonline.com/magazine/sans-vs-sans-que/


Excellent lien !


It is a pronoun. 'They can go out without their parents worrying about them because they can contact them at any time' the pronoun que is used to tell whom can go out. at least i think so. hope this helps


If you think about it in english, the word "that" is sort of archaically used in sentences (nowadays it's often ommited). i.e. "I told my parents where I was going so (that) I could go out."

In French you just always have to put que (that) in.

In that instance, "they can go out without (that) their parents worrying about them because they can call them at any time." It's sort of awkward 1:1 in this specific instance but it's basically for the same reason as I understand it. And in French it helps to break down the sentence a little more clearly.


sans que is a conjunction which still means "without". Go to the link given by nadapanda to fully understand how it is used.


I think it's because it introduces a subordinate sentence. For example, you could say "Ils peuvent sortir sans peur" without using "que" because "peur" is just one word, and not a sentence.


There is a "de peur que" which also introduces a subjunctive clause and it means "for fear that." "Que" is sometimes a clue that maybe you need a subjunctive in the next verb. "Je suis partie de peur qu'il vienne."

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