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A possible bug

So I have been noticing a problem lately when doing my daily practices (I am learning German from English). Occasionally it will bring up a question where it gives you a sentence in German and wants you to say it in German. When a word is repeated in the sentence, however, it will not count it more than once.
For example, one sentence it wanted me to say was "Auge um Auge," and I said it, and the words "Auge um" turned blue, like they do when it accepts your pronunciation, but the second "Auge" won't light up no matter how many times I say "Auge." Normally, this isn't a big deal, if the sentence has at least a handful of words, because even missing one word, it will still count it as correct. However, shorter sentences (such as "Auge um Auge" and "Geschaft ist Geschaft") will be counted incorrect with one word missing. I wouldn't bring this up, except that several times it has been the difference between a right answer and a wrong answer. I don't believe that it has always done this, only recently that I've noticed. I would love to hear if anyone else is experiencing this issue, and any causes or solutions. Thanks!

March 7, 2018



I don't have an answer or a solution for you, but all I recommend is to report it to Duolingo. Good luck


Okay, can you explain how I would go about reporting it to Duolingo? I don't have any experience with that sort of thing. Thanks! :)


You would go to the arrow next to your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen, click that, and the third option is "Help". Click on that and it should come up with a screen where you can report something.


Okay, thank you. :)

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Also, it would be nice if you at least up voted someone who took the time to try and help you. As you will see, this is my one of my pet peeves. Good Luck. :-)

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