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"My sister spoke with her friend over cell phone."

Translation:Mi hermana habló con su amigo por celular.

March 7, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Why amigo and not amiga?


    No reason. Both should be accepted.

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    For some reason, Duolingo is only accepting "amigo" for "friend." Both amigo and amiga should be accepted.


    I would say ¨over the phone¨ but never ¨over cell phone¨ but i would use ¨by cell phone¨which DL does not allow. In English you can always talk ¨by¨ the instrument you use (by phone), you can go ¨by¨the method of travel (by car) and die ¨by¨the cause of death (death by homicyde).

    A little frustrating that suddenly we cannot use a core principle of English.


    Nearing the end of this tedious exercise, and I'm sick of this ''cell phone'' business. I bet the term isn't used by Apple, Samsung etc. It sound like a 20 year old film.

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    Is it possible to reverse the phrases in Spanish?:
    "Mi hermana habló por celular con su amigo."


    Why not hablaba?


    "she was speaking over the phone"on spanish "ella hablaba por telefono" or " ella estaba hablando por telefono" she spoke over the phone "ella habló por telefono"


    Yes, I am wondering why a female (sister) would not speak with a female (amiga) over the phone. In some cultures, a sister could not talk to a boy or man over the phone period.


    (Amiga) I reported this but I'm guessing this has needed fixed for a long time, so not holding ny breath. 11-24-18


    This amigo verses amiga needs to be change.

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