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Show Time Spanish (bilingual podcast)

Show Time Spanish Bilingual Podcast (for intermediate learners)

While the DuoLingo Podcast is on hiatus, you might enjoy Show Time Spanish from RadioLingua. It was the original “Coffee Break Spanish” show (so same logo) but after two seasons the show format was changed.

I highly recommend it for advanced beginners and intermediate learners. I’ve gone through the whole series twice and am just starting a third round.

I think because my Spanish has been at different levels each time, I’m taking more and/or different things away each time.

It’s focus is European spanish or Castilian so some stuff is different than Latin American spanish but I still found a lot of value in listening.

Plus podcasts are awesome ways to learn during those times when all you can do is listen (long drives, power walks, cleaning the fridge, etc.)

I hope you’ll check it out and I’m interested in hearing what you think of it.

March 7, 2018



I love all the Coffee Break Podcasts! I listen to Coffee Break French regularly. I have only listened to the first Showtime Spanish episode so far, and found it really great! The Coffee Break podcasts always have a great mix of entertainment and language tips. I agree, it is a nice compliment to the duolingo podcasts. Another great podcast for intermiate level, especially from anyone who enjoyed the Spanish person abroad theme, is A mi Aire, from Podclub, which follows the story of a Spanish girl living in Switzerland. This one is all in Spanish, but there is a helpful transcript. http://www.podclub.ch/it/sendungen/a-mi-aire-sp/70-a-mi-aire-1-primeros-contactos-con-suiza-18-de-agosto-de-2008 And Notes in Spanish https://www.notesinspanish.com is also another excellent entertaining series for learning some great conversational spanish!


Thanks for the tips — I’ll definitely check out those other programs!

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