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Accusative at the begging of a sentence.

I know that the case Accusative goes with the questions wen? und was?

But I don't understand why this sentence starts with accusative "Lieben"

" Lieben Gruß zum Frauentag! "

Vielen Dank alle

March 7, 2018



It's not an actual sentence, it's lacking the verb. In fact, it's shortened from "Ich schicke/sende Dir/Ihnen einen lieben Gruß zum Frauentag" or similar. Most greetings are written in this short form, especially at the end of a message. But apart from that it's not a problem to start a sentence with an object in German, e.g. "Einen schönen Frauentag wünsche ich Dir".

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I've noticed that for things which are said often that it gets shortened.


Oh danke, ich habe jetzt das verstanden.

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