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Not on the topic of language, but a good cultural channel (Jun's Kitchen)

JunsKitchen is a YouTube channel run by a Japanese cook (with three adorable cats who watch him cook) that, apart from showing bike rides throughout the Japanese country side, shows you how to cook food. He usually does Japanese recipes like Tofu and Sushi Balls but I have seen him make fancy cat food and Western dessert as well. This video covers Popcorn Rice, which is one of his easier recipes (although do be careful with boiling oil!). I wanted to share this to anyone who is curious about Japanese food and/or want to make it themselves.


Enjoy the culture and いただきます!

March 8, 2018



Aha, thank you for this! I love how the cat's are just chilling in the background lol.



Thank you for sharing! I especially liked the video where he sharpens the $1 knife.


I very love it, so cool


Jun’s kitchen is definitely one of my favorite YouTube Channels! His video of the Koi Fish sushi is amazing. All of them are, and incredibly soothing, but that has to be my fave.

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There's also Rachel and Jun, which is Jun and his wife Rachel. They do a lot of cultural stuff, both just about Japan in general, but also cross-cultural things, things that are weird about Japan its culture for Americans/vice versa, since they are themselves a multi-cultural couple.


I've watched him before and I love his videos and I'd love to pet his cats


Thanks for the link! I had to watch the video twice because the cute cats were so distracting, haha!


I found Rachel and Jun when I started Duolingo Japanese beta. Back then it was mobile only, had no notes and you basically had to divert to Google Translate, Wikipedia, YouTube and more to actually learn anything. I discovered the video where they work on R and L together. Jun's Kitchen is the one I keep coming back to now.

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