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dutch and german

im starting to get a little confused when i do my german lesson and then my dutch lesson. is there anyway to not get confused? if so please tell me.

March 8, 2018



.... is there anyway not to get confused?

Don' t start learning them at the same time.
At first, finish the German course and then start to continue the Dutch course.


I second this, although finishing the German course is not entirely necessary. There should be a clear difference in the proficiency levels of two closely related languages you are learning, so you always can fall back to the one you have practised the most. Get at least half way through the German tree before continuing Dutch.


Good to know that one can get confused. I am planning on adding Dutch in a month or so. I may not have the same problem but good to know anyway. I am going give you an ingot and it is the first ingot I ever gave.


Hi WillAz1,

I see you are doing both Dutch and German... how is it going?


Its going good. I have no problems between the two languages. I already knew German so that helped in not confusing the two languages. Dutch is new to me and learning it very fast. Learning to properly write in Dutch is a challenge. Thank you for asking.

[deactivated user]

    I face this problem too, I usually just try to use each language as separately as possible but it’s fine if you get them mixed up. I learn best through catching my mistakes and using those mistakes for future reference to make sure I don’t make the same mistake again. Just keep practicing and you’re confusión won’t occur as often.


    I faced your problem when trying to learn French and Spanish at the same time. Finally I put Spanish on the back burner and concentrate on French.


    well no there is no way (if you are learning both in the same time), since both languages are quit similar (as a german i can understand allmost 50% of dutch without having ever learned it)

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