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If there is no continuous aspect in German would look at me be Aussehen mich

March 8, 2018



"Look at me" is an imperative, and thus uses the German Imperativ.
"Look at me" ist Imperativ, also man den Imperativ benutzt. (Damit kannst Du dein Deutsch verbessern (: )

To look at sth. (watch sth.) = etw. anschauen = imperative, "schau etw. an!"
"Look at me" = "Schau mich an!"
Alternatively, you can say "Seh mich an!" which means the same thing. Still interested in the Imperativ? It takes a few different forms depending on whom you are speaking to.

"Schau(e) mich an!" (Speaking informally, as a command)
"Schauen Sie mich an!" (Speaking formally, you might write this in an email to someone you know about a performance or so)
"Schaut mich an!" (To a group of people, not including yourself.)
"Schauen wir mich an!" (This one doesn't work very well. 'wir' imperatives pretty much translate to "let's ..." so this would be "Let's take a look at myself!")


Well done, just two small corrections:

  1. Word order: ...also benutzt man den Imperativ oder weshalb man den Imperativ benutzt

  2. Sieh mich an!


Hm, but where is the connection between continuous aspect and commands? German has no gerund, that's all.

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Schau mich an! Heute habe ich 300 Tage!

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