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Je l'ai fait! I finished the French skill tree! L'arbre français!

I just finished the French skill tree with all skills golden!! https://i.imgur.com/OCHrjHC.png

Some stats: I'm finishing at level 17 with 11,569 XP and apparently 2,699 words learned. Also, I'm at 66% fluent (though I was 67% a few days ago...).

How long did this take me? I started my first lessons with Duolingo about a year and a half ago, probably August of 2016 - but I had some pretty long stretches of not practicing in there (along with too many streak freezes used!). My four longest streaks were: 88 days, 108 days, 16 days, and my current run of 17 days. Along with several smaller streaks and some standalone days, I practiced probably around 250ish days averaging 46xp/day to finish the tree. (https://imgur.com/a/ukGcg)

All this is building toward a year abroad in France for my French double major in university. I leave in July 2019, so I hope to continue past Duolingo to reach "'100% fluent'" (or close enough... close enough is good) by then! I guess another goal is to reach level 25, but I'm not even halfway there! Maybe also to do the reverse French-to-English tree to completion.

March 8, 2018



Awesome work, 42Sean! I wish you the best in your year abroad in France! I love that country so much! :-)


Hou la la! toutes nos félicitations!


Bien fait, bravo! C'est du beau travail! Quelle bonne idée d'apprendre le plus possible avant d'aller en France. Bonne chance avec les etudes!

Ce n'est pas possible d'arriver á 100% en Duolingo, ça n'a pas beaucoup d'importance. :-)


Oh, je sais que 100% n'est pas possible en Duolingo, pour l'atteindre, je devrai travailler plus dehors l'app!


Félicitations! I'm still working on level 1 of French and level 6 of Spanish. I'll get to where you are someday!


What inspiration! So happy for you. I liked that you identified how many extra points per day that you needed to get there. Thanks.

I am leaving for Montreal for two years in May and am halfway there...


did you know any french before you started the french course in Duolingo?


Yes, I had taken some classes in high school


Well done! What course are you doing?


You mean in college? French and mechanical engineering. In Duo I've just finished French from English, and a little of English from French (and a tiny tiny bit of italian)


now that you mention it, I think that I would love to study french and mechanical engineering!

[deactivated user]



    Félicitations! J'aimerais finir le français dans Duolingo cette année aussi!


    excellent, monsieur!


    c'est gernial, maintenant utiliser c'est application appele 'HelloTalk' c'est super!


    D'accord, je l'essayerai!


    Félicitations! tres bon travail! je vous propose d'essayer l'arbre inverse (anglais du francais) ca va vous aider énormément. bonne continuation et bon courage pour vos etudes.




    I am currently working on it myself, congratulations!


    Well done! I'm glad to see your full description. As I've gotten closer to finishing the tree, I've noticed that I couldn't possibly hit level 25 just in the remaining lessons, which of course also means that I'll probably be stuck in the high sixties for percent fluency. Good luck to you!


    bonsoir, Je te suggère de faire ton arbre dans le sens inverse ça aide vraiment beaucoup ! tu fais l'arbre Anglais avec la langue parlé en Français. c'est rigolo :) bon apprentissage

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