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"La niña no empieza las clases hoy."

Translation:The girl does not begin classes today.

March 8, 2018



On the audio you can barely hear the "no"


Even after replaying the audio twice, I could not detect the word "no".


Same. She is ridiculously hard yo understand.


The girl is not starting the class today. Is this wrong?


Nevermind i used 'class' instead of 'classes'


I put the same and was marked wrong


Please fix the fast recordings on the female voice throughout Duo Lingo. It cuts off words the beginning and the middle. Poor editing.


The girl doesn't start the classes today. Had the girl started "the" classes today, would they not be her classes? Oh, I see, now it's, Meaning: The girl does not begin classes today. OK, Whatever, please make up our minds. Please, And, Thank You.


I reported an error because my solution was rejected. I agree with Beto330368.

"The girl doesn't start her classes today." ...rejected by Duo today!

The point is that the addition of the word, her, is optional. It should be optional.


Her classes would be "sus clases".


i find it funny how tricky it can be to settle on one translation for certain things, and with more downvoting duo staff keep on changing i guess.


The girl does not start classes today ... was wrong?!



Your answer is correct.

If Duo does not accept this answer in the future, then we need to report this as a missing solution.


Today 5/4/20 it was reported wrong


Uh, "La niña numpieza las clases hoy"? Something about the girl and the classes today. Makes no sense to me.


Nyagret, yes, she's awful. When she spouts her garbage, just play it on Turtle Speed.


To me, the English translation of this sentence is confusing and does not make sense. I am sure that duolingo's professional team can come up with better sentence to utilize the word "empieza".


NO... she said no... she barely got the "n" out.. c'mon Duo sheesh!!


Just so I know, is "The girl will not start classes today." acceptable. Duo said I used the wrong word. Thanks.



This Duolingo exercise is a Spanish sentence written in the present tense. But even so, we (students) might second guess this exercise by wondering if there is a way to use the future tense to create an English solution to this Duolingo exercise.

English simple future:
The girl will not start classes today.

There are two ways to form the future tense in Spanish: the informal future (ir + a + infinitive) and the simple future (el futuro simple)

La chica no empezará las clases hoy. (the simple future)
La chica no va a empezar las clases hoy. (the informal future)

The Spanish simple future is used to talk about what will or shall happen. And besides this, it is also used to express the possibility of what someone might or may be doing in the present.

But the question at hand is actually about the English sentence. Our question that I am answering in this post is can the English simple future tense be used to express the possibility of what someone might or may be doing in the present?

After studying this article, it appears to me that the answer depends on whether an additional clause is added.

I think that it will...
I think that she will...
I think that he will...


The girl does not begin classes today.

I think start is more appropriate here.

The professor does not begin classes today, in this case begin would be right.



"The girl didn't start classes today". Why isn't this correct? Empeziar has always been referred to as starting in previous lessons, but now suddenly it is "begin"?


Does not start and does not begin are the same. Even according to the hint


Sounds like she made up a word. Nempiza


What's the difference between start and begin


it kept telling me I typed in English so I had to put in wrong answer for it to accept!


The girl with the high-pitched voice is very hard to understand. The Dale.


I can hardly hear whether its los or las!


The girl didn't start the classes today. NOT ACCEPTED


She frustrates la mierda out of me! What's the point of saying something if you mumble over the most important word? What is sounds like she says is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what she's supposed to say! I have a feeling that the computer is putting together the words, and whatever interval they have set is supposed to make her sound like a native speaker, but she literally skips words. Everytime I hear her voice, I get tense!


I put "the girl can't start the classes today" and was marked wrong?.


This sentence is making no sense.

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