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  5. "C'est une souris !"

"C'est une souris !"

Translation:It is a mouse!

March 8, 2018



Couldn't understand Souris...is it pronounced correctly?


Why isnt it : that is a mouse


Technically, it is true that c'est = ce + est and that ce can mean "it, this, that (or he / she) + is".
For "That is a mouse", the French tend to say "Ça, c'est une souris".

[deactivated user]

    I believe C'est means It Is so, it would be the only answer that can relate.


    How une/un is decided before souris souris is it feminine


    Souris is a feminine noun.


    This got me wondering if 'A Windmill in Old Amsterdam' was ever translated and sung in French.


    At first, I thought "une" could be either "a" or "one" and it didn't matter which way you translate it into English. How can I tell if it's supposed to be "one mouse" or "a mouse"? I know "a mouse" may make more sense, but I read it as "That is one mouse!" as if their saying, "It's no big deal. It's just "one" mouse." So how do I tell which way to translate it, because it says "one" is wrong.


    Whenever "un/une" follow "c'est" and precede a noun then it is an indefinite article (ie "a/an"in English). Let commonsense be your guide.
    Bon courage ! ☺


    Are we supposed to hear the 't ' "C'est " at the end? Makes it sound like "Cette "


    The t is pronounced when the next word starts with a vowel sound. Another reason the speaker cannot be saying 'cette' is because 'this a mouse' doesn't make sense.


    why does it accept 'it is a mouse' and 'he is a mouse' but not 'she is a mouse'?

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