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Choosing what to translate

I remember a few weeks ago that we were able to choose the topic of the sites we wanted to translate. But it's not there anymore. What happened to it? Was it just a quick beta or something?

July 3, 2012



I'd trade your shopping pages for my technology and sport ones anyday! :)


I will always love cooking :) I couldn't really find that much tech stuff. I found out that if you do a sentence for one page and go back to the translations there are usually four new ones. Hope this works * crosses fingers *

Software: http://duolingo.com/#/translation/5cf9254065c6d1006401ccf4470488f6?index=2

Gadgets and tech: http://duolingo.com/#/translation/79faa66c8c874b6bf227dfc5aedd02a8?index=2


I would love to know this! But I think in any case Duolingo is learning what kind of translations we like as we go along, because I feel like I'm seeing more and more of the topics I enjoy as I go along... maybe it's just wishful thinking though!


I was just about to ask this! I liked having the option of picking my topic & an article from that topic. At the moment all I have are fashion and cars (neither are interesting to me!)

I wonder if they got too many translations for some articles, and none for others?


@NathanWilliams: That's what I was thinking too. Maybe a lot of people weren't choosing enough of one topic and they had to cut it short @hloevb:I don't know... I mean I rarely get pages from Wikipedia anymore but sometimes I get random topics like shopping when I don't believe I have ever chosen that before!


Deal! (tech, not sport!) Oh damn, I have no more shopping translations, how do you feel about Luxury, cooking or travel? :D

I wonder if this works... Luxury: http://duolingo.com/#/translation/0496baf1da81372c0016f9e2ae7275ec?index=2

Cooking: http://duolingo.com/#/translation/00c301c215fe2f53027edced75df20b3?index=2

Travel: http://duolingo.com/#/translation/04597fcbdba3d8de19fd124f6a19cdf0?index=3



It works! Maybe all we need to do is start trading translation topics! :D

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