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  5. "Velké ryby žerou malé."

"Velké ryby žerou malé."

Translation:Big fish eat small ones.

March 8, 2018


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wouldn't "big fishes eat the small ones" be acceptable too?


It is an idiom or proverb in this way with fish. "Fishes" refers to species of fish and it is probably possible to say it this way as well. But I am not sure if it should be accepted so I won't do that now.


Proč je tam dodáno to "ones" na konci věty? Šlo by to i bez toho slova?


Doslova to je jako Velké ryby žerou TY malé". Bez toho to nejde, to přídavné jméno potřebuje podstatné jméno nebo zájmeno.


Why not "Big fish eatS small one" ?


This is plural fish, not a single fish.


Annunciation of the Czech words is vital to learning the language. When listening to the Czech vocal the word sounds very much like "malehe" not "malé". This can be very confusing to a language learner no matter what learning level they may be on. Please ensure the correct annunciation and intonation when recording the Czech translation. This is just as important as proper grammar.


They are not recordings. They are computer generated synthetic speech. They are far from perfect, yes. Bigger languages like English or Spanish have much better TTS (text-to-speech) voices. And a large amount of languages have even worse TTS than Czech (or no such thing at all). These things improve over time as technology does.

Here, I listened to both voices - neither sounds very nice in this exercise, but they both clearly say "malé" to my native ears, I don't hear any "malehe".

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