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Spanish Tree Finished!

I can't believe that I could have done this after almost 3 years on Duolingo. Through some motivational times and inactivities, I've made it and finished the Spanish Tree. It's time for me to strengthen up all the skills, but I also want to encourage others who are learning a language to motivate themselves to practice every day. I would like to thank Felix_Ulvensen for his wonderful XP Contests that motivated me to try everyday!

March 8, 2018



Congratulations on the achievement. Now you have to... Repeat, repeat, repeat!

When you can make the tree in just one hour, it means that you are fluent in the language. The English took me two months, now I do in an hour. Spanish took me one day because the language is similar to mine and I had some input.


Cambios menores:

Completing the English tree initially took me two months to complete, but now I can do it in an hour.

¡Buen Hecho!


¡Hola! I have completed a tree as well and now I just repeat and repeat... and that's a bit boring for me sometimes. As I see you complete the tree every day now. How do you do it? Testing out skills or remaking all vocabulary sets and grammar topics? Thanks in advance (and sorry for my English)


Wow you've made great progress in 8 languages. Amazing.

Sorry for not being clear with my English earlier, and for causing confusion.

I was only correcting the second sentence of Allan-Duarte's post.

I didn't do what my post says, I was only restating an unclear sentence to help out. I see from your response you thought I was speaking personally, and not in the context of trying to do unto others as I would like done to me.

I still have no idea what a tree is, but who cares. I'm learning Spanish and attempting to teach English.

What fun!


DSMby., as well as re-doing the tree, do you use all the other options on DuoLingo (DL)? Have you done all the stories on the Labs section of the DL website, por ejemplo?

And now there's the Podcasts as well? Practice against the clock? Try them to earn a few extra XP points. Remember though you have to use the website to access all these extras, they don't come up on the App versions of DL.

Finally, some folks don't realise that when you finish a Section - - say Education - - on the tree, the final " strengthen " link can and will throw out stuff from anywhere in the previous sections you have already studied just to make you think, and you can use this a few times before you move on again.

Hope this Helps a bit - - your English is better than mine, and I've been on the planet for 76 years - - still learning!

Hasta Luego!


It's really rare to see a native of English correcting someone, it's quite appreciable too.


,,,,and in addition, if you can do it in an hour, it demonstrates you type faster than I (smile)

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Nice work, that's a great milestone, but indeed no reason to stop now. Now that you've been introduced to all of the sets of vocabulary and grammar topics, you can work on only getting better and better.








Congrats! come join us at Z4G5UA Spanish club!


Keep it up! Have a couple of Lingots from me, and congratualtions!


Thanks for following Sam, I see you're keeping on, keeping on! To all, that's the way to go, do a wee bit every day and use all the resources in DuoLingo - - you WILL get there!

Gracias por seguir Sam, veo que estás manteniendo manteniendo! A todos, que es el camino, hacer un poquito cada día y utilizar todos los recursos de DuoLingo - - lo conseguirá!


can you tell me where I can find this "tree""?


lilymar, if you are really at level 18 you are already around two thirds of the way through your tree. The "tree" is simply the name we give to the page where the exercises are -- in the coloured circles. Each time you fully complete a set of exercises - say Vocabulary 1 - the circle turns from it's original colour to gold.

When you complete the whole page, everything is gold and we say - - Keep it gold! Have a free Lingot on me for the question, it will help others coming along! I'm also placing this explanation on my blog for others to see.


Hasta Luego!


Thank you for the explanation. Last year I finished all the exercises. I am doing them again now.


No problema, lilymar! Practica, practica, y mas practica.

Try to do a little every day - - two XP exercises every day, 30XP if you get them correct, is better than ten excercises once a week - - you will retain the information better. The "streak" is good for you.

That is how we all learn language as a child, a little every day? We don't suddenly start to speak the day we become adults.

Amigos para siempre! ( y un poco mas practica tambien)


Estoy feliz por ti, pero no sé qué es un árbol español.



great job!!!!!!!!!!go celebrate!

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great work! motivation is the key!


Felicitaciones!!! --- i' have a long way to go, and it is encouraging to hear it is possible!


CharlesJol - - it IS possible, just get into a regular pattern of learning. Remember that's how you learned whatever your native language is - - you listened as a child and started to put words together, day by day.

My two year old great grandson now says

Mummy, go home please?

when he gets tired and wants to leave anywhere. If he can do that, we can all do a few exercises each day, earn XP points and lingots, and learn any DuoLingo language we like, YES!


congrats Sam. I've been on this tree for 2 years, but without a buddy. i've found it difficult moving through as I had relied on the discuss button for help (by that button I mean inside each lesson question), but that seems to have become a joke button for bored for teenagers, so i rarely bother with it now. where did you find felix?


I found Felix after seeing a post in the Spanish Discussion Forum for a Tiger Clan XP Challenge. Here's the link for the latest XP Contest: (Entries are closed but expect another to come out in April). https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26286306


¡Felicidades en su logro!

Yo empecé DuoLingo en julio de 2016 y terminé el árbol cuatro meses después. Había terminado el curso de "linguist" también. Entonces sólo leía noticias en español, no hacía ningunos ejercicios. Un año pasó, decidí a empezar los estudios de nuevo. Estoy a punto de acabar el árbol en treinta días. DuoLingo es tan útil como solía ser. ¡Viva DuoLingo! Buena suerte a todos.


Felicidades, amigx!




Are you fluent after completing the tree?


No, I am not. But I get by. Also thanks to Duolingo.

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