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What's wrong with tree shortcuts?

I've just tested out of 10 skills in the German tree -- the last one was 'Internet' -- and that was confusing. I remember that earlier such tests were like this: three hearts, lots of varied questions, and if you did too many mistakes, you'd fail that. It was fair.

This one was different. I had maybe four types of sentences: "Monitor, keyboard, and even a mouse" (~3 times), "This is my last day" (~2 times), and some more. There were also a few multiple choices with words from the very first lessons (einem, nah etc), and, what's the most annoying, four identical questions about a monitor ("How to say 'the monitor' in German?"). They were combined into pairs (so I had two of them in the middle of the test and two at the end).

This kind of testing is really ineffective and it left me disappointed.

March 8, 2018


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