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What's the easiest way to let students know they have an assignment?

Maybe this has already been discussed and I missed it, but I'm struggling to figure out how to let my students know I have assigned an specific lesson. Could someone point me in the right directions?. Gracias!

March 8, 2018



Hi! They should receive an email alerting them of the assignment, and the assignments should also appear on the sidebar of their main Duolingo course page (assuming they are in the correct course). Some teachers also use external communication tools, or remind them in class.

I am moving this conversation to the Educator's forum so that other teachers can weigh in. =]


The Duolingo for Schools system will email your students, as Vivisaurus says, but the DforS system isn't really designed for communication, it's just a system that lets you see what your students are doing on Duolingo.

It's probably best to use whatever mechanisms your school usually uses to inform students about homework - your school's VLE, or your students planners, etc.


I don’t know but an email seems to be a convenient method.

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