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Books in Spanish

Hola todos. I want to start reading some books in Spanish, preferably kids books because they would probably be easier to read and to understand as they are meant for kids and I'm just a beginner; any recommendations?

March 8, 2018



If you have a kindle and you have kindle unlimited, which I have, you can have access to thousands of books, many of which are children's books. I do that often and it is fun and it has taught me a lot. Right now, I am reading beginner to intermediate stories for adults and it is a lot of fun and it teaches me a lot!!


That would be amazing if only I had kindle :(


El Principito, Las Fábulas de Esopo, Los Cuentos de los Hermanos Grimm.


Thank you for your suggestions.


Begin with books that you like in your own language. Let's say, "Harry Potter".


That's a really good idea that I haven't thought of... Thanks. ♥

[deactivated user]

    Check your library. Mine has an on-line search. I put in "bilingual" in the search box and use a filter to check Spanish. For toddlers books, usually the left page is Spanish and the right page is English. For school age children's books, you can get a novella with about 60 pages in Spanish; and if you flip the book over, it starts in English.

    I am currently reading a cookbook. Each page has a list of ingredients and about 5-10 sentences. Some recipes look good enough to try, but that is not why I am reading it. The one I checked out from my library is, 'La Verdadera Cocina Criolla'.


    I like the library idea but I like the cookbooks one much better. I love both cooking and Spanish so perfect combination. Thanks!

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