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French Natives Help!

Does it sound strange or grammatically incorrect if I say:

"Quand je suis triste ou je suis content."

I know you don't need the extra "je suis" but I'm not sure if using it will cause a problem if you don't have a "que" before it. In fact, I'm not sure if it's even correct in English to say it like that, so if an English speaker wants to chime in as well, that would be great!

Merci d'avance!

March 8, 2018



Your sentence looks, indeed, kind of weird. As you guessed, you should say "Quand je suis triste ou content". "When I'm sad or I'm happy" seems wrong too, but I'm far from being a native English speaker so I may be incorrect.


it should be 'quand je suis triste ou contente' because it sounds more correct and f you say the original sentence in french but in English, its going to sound really weird


Thank you both, very helpful and much appreciated!!



Depends on the full sentence actually...

It does not look like a full sentence so yeah, it sounds weird.

Unless you're answering to someone's question, you don't begin a sentence using "Quand" (but if there is a second "proposition" in the sentence)

By the way, if you're answering to someone's question, you should write "Quand je suis triste, ou quand je suis content", or at least : "Quand je suis triste ou content."

But depends on the context...


Hey, if you need to speak with French native or ask questions there is a facebook group full of them: :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/297147674069458/?source_id=507282329467431

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