"I have a second pair of eyeglasses."

Translation:J'ai une deuxième paire de lunettes.

March 8, 2018

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2ème = deuxième, but indeed most people write 2e on computer, so I'd say it is correct. But maybe duolingo only accept "deuxième"


Using "seconde" is wrong? "J'ai une seconde paire de lunettes."


I'd say that's correct too but... j'ai besoin d'une seconde paire d'yeux pour ça!


Why doesn't "J'ai une deuxième paire DES lunettes" work?


"J'ai une deuxième paire des lunettes" would be the translation for "I have a second pair of the glasses.

The construction "paire de lunettes" is a "noun of noun", where the second noun, without an article, gives further information on the first noun in terms of its quality, content, material or purpose.

In English, you can find the same construction, like "a glass of milk" = un verre de lait; but sometimes, the English construction will be different, as in "a travel agency" = une agence de voyage.


I tried "J'ai une 2e paire de lunettes." I thought 2e = deuxième, can anyone clarify?


Obviously, Duo needs some evidence you can write (and possibly say) "deuxième".


That is really the only thing that makes sense in this case.

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