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Tests and Quiz(s)

Okay. I have something to say. As much as I appreciate Duolingo, and even though I think they have a pretty good system for learning, there is one thing I do think would make it a LOT better: Tests. It used to be, you could go to the lingot store and buy a progress quiz (I did that frequently....thus how I spent most of my lingots :). And that was really nice because it was like a test --you couldn't see the answers, which was a fun challenge --and it kinda showed you what you needed to work on. In my experience --even if you're like me and you basically NEVER hover to see what it means --no matter how many times you practice lessons, nothing can really challenge (and therefore improve) you like a test can. (short of actually conversing with someone who speaks the language...which I highly recommend.) All that being said (sorry if I'm being a little wordy....I'm trying to make a point! ;), a while back I noticed that, for whatever reason, duolingo no longer had a progress quiz available. So, basically: I'm suggesting that duolingo either put back up the progress quiz, or come up with a new and better version of tests. Please.

Does anybody else agree? (some support here please, people ;)


March 8, 2018



Yes! I totally agree! Duolingo is good at helping people at first, but then as soon as you reach an "I can talk to people in Spanish for about five sentences" level, it starts to feel like you just stay at that level forever.

We need tests! They really help us and our brains improve!


Yes, EXACTLY. You basically just said what I trying to say the whole time. LOL.


I am guessing here - I have no super secret insider information - but I suspect Duolingo plan on offering more legitimate tests. They now offer one for ESL: https://englishtest.duolingo.com/


Really? That's great! I just hope they get a Spanish one. Does it cost money, though? Because Duolingo IS free.


You may not have to pay for Duolingo, but it is NOT free. I look to the right on my computer screen and see an ad for Sixt rent a car...


If I'm not paying money, it's free to me. I can ignore those ads (most of them end up being for things I just ALREADY bought anyway, ha). Not the same at all as having to pay my own money.


...and in other languages too, please!


I totally agree with you. I enjoyed checking my progress with the tests. Jane M.Tiller


I agree! I really miss the tests! I loved the challenge to score better.


Great idea! All I see that we have available to us right now are the speed test. I would surely welcome the ability to test my skills without any hints. The hints are great for the regular lessons but when we want to identify areas for improvement test or quizzes would be fantastic


Thanks for all the support, people! Looks like I'm not the only one who misses tests. LOL. :D

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