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How to stay motivated?

I am just wondering tips on how you stay motivated when learning a language, specifically German. I was doing very well (I had another Duolingo account but made a new one recently) but then I pretty much quit for a few months. I lost interest and was frustrated that I hadn't chose a more commonly spoken language (in my area), even though I liked this one the best. I still want to learn, but I am at a loss for how to get back in or if it is worth all my time. Any suggestions would be helpful!

March 8, 2018


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The best (and many times the only) motivation is when you have a good reason to learn the language. That can be: moving (for any reason) to a country where the language is spoken, wanting to get a better job in which this langauge is required, having interest in the literature or music in the language, knowing someone who speaks this language and doesn't speak your language, having ancestors that spoke this language, .... etc. A weaker (but usable) reason could be not failing school (language classes).

Where there is no good reason there is usually not much motivation or the motivation cannot last long... because your brain will just know there is no sense in learning it. Logical, right?

So try to think if you have a good reason, if you see no reason and still want to learn German then it can be as general as improving your job hunting chances some time in the future (since knowing German can be an advantage in many fields of work around the globe).

If you find out you really don't have a good reason then nobody can give you the motivation.


Amazing advice!!!


How about this : when you get to level ten, let me know, and i will give you a lingot.


To stay motivated, I spend most of my time reading and listening these days. I learn most of my words through reading fun things and reinforce them through listening to material I really enjoy.


From my own experience of learning German (for moving into a new country) sometimes you reach a level where you feel that is so hard for you to keep the spirit up and make new steps. And I was feeling like I lost interest since one day when being so bored with doing the same lessons on Duo. So I started, exploring the Duo app on my phone and I have discovered that you can join a group or create one. And that is what I have done, I join the first group that appeals to me. And keeping the number one rank was what kept me motivated to come every day on Duo and make progresses in learning German. I do three lessons and somebody comes and makes four and overpasses you and you know you can more so you wait for a little free time to come and practice again. It transforms into a game, but you learn a lot whiteout even knowing.

I recommend you getting into one of this groups.


Very similar to a question from yesterday, which had many great responses. See here. Hope this helps!


I can so relate! The exact same thing happened to me on Duolingo! I was learning German, got frustrated, and quit, then created a new account (but I started learning Dutch and Portuguese instead)!


Well, I agree with what @ally.x said. You have to have a reason.

For me, I have an interest in German, and that's why I'm learning it.

You could think of some more reasons, as others have pointed, like being able to speak in a new language, to get better job opportunities, and so on. You could consider this: The German Course is the second largest Duolingo Course! What an accomplishment would it be to complete it!

One other thing that works is the motivation to maintain a streak.

Start being regular. Build a considerable streak, and then you really wouldn't like to break it. It feels way too bad if you drop out of, say, a 50 day streak. It happened with me, though :(

However, building a large steak will help you become regular. And you know, just these small regular practice sessions everyday, and one day you be there, with the course complete :)


Maybe try other platforms? Like podcasts, movies or (E)books. You can try to get motivated with platforms like Youtube, where you can find travel tips, culture, people's vlogs. There are more things that could help you then most of us can think of right now. Find you're best way motivation, Good luck! ;)

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