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"La parada del autobús está cerca del parque."

Translation:The bus stop is near the park.

5 months ago



How about "The bus stop is next to the park?"

5 months ago

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Next to is 'al lado de', not 'cerca', though.

3 months ago

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I just wonder, why is it here "el autobús" A couple of pages earlier I noticed : "la estación de autobúses" What makes the difference? Or is it 'just at will'?

1 month ago


It's del, which is a contraction of de el. Like al is a contraction of a el

1 month ago

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I think the question is why the bus station is literary 'the station of BUSES' and the bus stop is 'the stop of the BUS' as if there's only one bus that stops at this particular stop (which usually is not the case). Could it be used vice versa or does plural in the station is deliberately indicating its grandeur as opposed to a stop? (=

1 month ago


I don't think this has anything to do with difference between Spanish and English. A bus stop is a place along side the road that a bus stops for pickup. A bus station is a building, or complex of building in which a bus, or many buses, go to pick people up. Stations would also sell tickets and generally are used more for long distance travel, at least in the US, than a bus stop which would he a pickup location along a mass transit route.

1 month ago



3 weeks ago

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In one of previous examples we had 'la estación DE autobús' or 'la estación DE autobuses', so why is it 'la estación DEL autobús' this time?

1 month ago


I had; close to the park..... should be right. This is becoming frustrating.

2 weeks ago