"She is near her children."

Translation:Elle est près de ses enfants.

March 9, 2018

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"proche de..." doesn't work? Mistake or do I not understand "proche"?


"Près de" is a physical and spacial preposition in this sentence = next to, by, near.

"Proche de" would be more psychological, like "close to".


Ah! Merci beaucoup pour cette explication

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    Can someone explain the difference between using "près" vs "auprès" in this sentence? Thanks!


    "Auprès de" has a specific nuance you do not find with "près de".

    If she is "auprès de ses enfants", it means that she is taking care of them, watching them, supporting them, assisting them... - maybe they are sick or going through difficult times or a specific situation.

    "Près de" is purely descriptive of a spacial position.


    Merci étrangère ! ☺

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks. If I'm remembering correctly there is another exercise that translates into English as "It feels good to sleep next to my girlfriend/wife" and uses "...auprès de ma blonde".

      Does the usage of "auprès" as emotional support hold true for that sentence, too? I guess instinct told me that that sentence relates to spatial positioning. Sorry for the cross post, but it would be instructive to know.


      "auprès de" is both spatial and emotional.


      I found this on WordRef :

      Être près de quelqu'un : N'être pas loin de lui → Not being far from him Être auprès de quelqu'un : se tenir à ses côtés → standing by his side

      Also, auprès de has several meanings depending upon context.

      It would be nice to have some input from a native speaker.

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