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asking for help !!!

please guys , can someone tell me a way to learn french fast ?? any ideas ??

March 9, 2018



Well, French isn’t a language that should be rushed, but there are a lot of linguistic connections between english and french. You could look for those. That being said, you shouldn’t rush learning a language. :) xx


i think you are right ! by the way thanks for the advice


Go to France with a dictionary and the clothes on your back. Sink or swim!

Seriously, though, you might want to pace yourself...


In my opinion, "fast" would be about three months to barely get by, six to nine months to be able to read, and two years to be able to talk.

Keys to learning:
Study every day
Use flashcards for vocabulary acquisition (ANKI, Memrise, and Tinycards are all god resources for this)
Read (with a Kindle and bilingual dictionary is ideal, or use ReadLang & read on the web)
Listen to the radio
Watch video clips (news sites and YouTube are good)
Talk to others (Busuu, iTalki, WeSpeke, Speaky)


well i can not help it I want to learn it fast because i am leaving to France after 2 months


Seriously, that is a silly question. There are no shortcuts short of moving to a small village in France. Why a small village? Because you aren't going to France to be a tourist, you are going to immerse yourself in the French language and the smaller the village, the less likely the locals will be able to speak English. So then it really is sink or swim. How do you think immigrants with no English learn?


Unfortunately there isn't a short cut to learning French fast; however that being said, just have fun!

Remember to practice everyday and you'll find yourself getting better and better every time! I found that I picked things up faster once I read the notes on Duolingo and came up with my own explanations.


Maybe there is a not on Skype that does French? I hope this helps!

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