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How to use Future tense correctly?

Would you use a future tense 'I will' with an 'Infinitive verb' so would this be correct Буду идти or Буду иду or Я будет идти or Я будет иду? Or will Идти be future tense like буду as пойду?

I know it’s complicated how I explained but please help

March 9, 2018



Usually we say 'пойду': 'I will go home' - 'Я пойду домой'. As it's already said, 'буду' is used with infinitive, so 'буду идти' is also correct one, it means continuous action.

March 9, 2018


Hi! If you're doing Russian from English, please, read the tips and notes on the lesson Compound Future (Future Cmp, just before the last checkpoint), it's all explained there.

But in short, you conjugate "to be" (буду, in the first person singular) and then add the infinitive (идти), and you get the Compound Future.

The infinitive is called infinitive because it is not conjugated. It's like the English "to go" in "He wants to go." You conjugate "want" to "wants" but don't touch the "to go." I hope this helps!

March 9, 2018


Буду идти is correct

March 9, 2018


Best if you give examples of english sentence. I can imagine some cases where it would be correct e.g. "This evening on my way from work I will be walking on the right side of the street". Пойду is more common for stuff like "I will go to the cinema" because more often the interest is on the place/time of where/when you are going to rather than on the actual process of walking

And of course будЕТ implies that it refers to to he/she/it rather than I so "Буду идти" if at all

March 18, 2018
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