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"Good ideas come from many people!"

Translation:Gute Ideen kommen von vielen Leuten!

March 9, 2018



Why is "viele Leute" not accepted?


Because the preposition 'von' always takes dative. Dative plural nouns always take an -n, unless the noun already ends in -n or -s, and 'viel' is declined with -en in dative plural too.


Why not "aus vielen Leuten"? There is a sentence in this skill that says, "Aus vielen Leuten kommen gute Ideen." So how come "aus" is not accepted here?


The German expression "aus vielen Leuten" is very awkward. German native speakers would always prefer "von vielen Leuten".


I wrote "aus vielen Leuten kommen gute ideen" and it was accepted.


Possibly this is helpful. I picked this up from a forum so it’s one step north of a rumor but here it is: If you can use „in“ with the source, then use „aus“. If you can’t use „in“ then use „von“.

For example, I can be in Berlin so „Ich komme aus Berlin“. I can’t be in the Strand so „Ich komme vom Strand“.

So this one is ambiguous on my test but it seems like Duo is ambiguous about it too as there is the other exercise with the aus clause first. Can ideas be „in“ people? Well, sorta, but it‘s more like no than yes because an idea being in someone is poetic or metaphorical and grammar rules ignore those (just as poems ignore grammar rules). So that leads me to von. I wonder if von was acceptable in that other exercise. Moving the clause to the front shouldn’t change anything in any grammar rule my 92 days with German have taught me.


"Gute Ideen stammen von vielen Leuten!" is marked incorrect. Why?


Good Question, MumblingMo! I like it!

On the face of it, your suggestion seems almost better than those accepted! But I think the answer must be that "stammen von" means " to originate from" rather than simply "come from". In this case, a lot of good ideas could come from a group of people, but they might not necessarily be the originators of those ideas. Originality is a rare commodity.


Why not "Gute Gedanken kommen von vielen Leuten"?


The word "Gedanken" does not translate to "Ideas". It translates to "thoughts" and those two words are not the same thing.


Why can't good ideas come from "viele Menschen"?


It should be von vielen Menschen if using von.

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