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Club for those with 100+ streak.

I’m tired of inactive clubs, so those less than 100 days on track need not apply. Today I’m at 1009 days, so you’d not be joining a club with a slouch. Code: JGTWWA

March 9, 2018


[deactivated user]

    My streak is high enough but sometimes I'll bury a club in points, just to be obstinate...


    sorry but my streak is not high enough


    Keep at it and it won’t be long till you can join!


    My previous streak was 231 but then we had a house fire.... no slouch either - would love to join!


    I find myself tiring of removing people constantly. I’ll now allow anyone that doesn’t lose their streak. As long as you can keep it from zero, you’re welcome. Sorry to hear about the house!


    Great --- Looking forward to it and I will now have further motivation to make it part of my daily routine!

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