"Guten Morgen, Spinne, auf Wiedersehen, Fliege!"

Translation:Good morning, spider, goodbye, fly!

March 9, 2018



If you think about it, this one is quite dark. The narrator is greeting a spider as she devours her morning meal, a fly, whom you so unceremoniously dismiss with a quick "auf Wiedersehen!" as if that fly were nothing compared to the spider.

April 19, 2018


I just took it to mean that spiders will get rid of flies for you, not that the spider was currently eating a fly. Of course, if I did see a spider eating a fly, I'd think it was pretty cool, not dark.

July 4, 2018


I thought it was like he was greeting the spider and then he made it flew

October 20, 2018


It is nature, not darkness.

July 11, 2019


I came here just comment this. It's hilariously dark, greeting the spider and bidding the fly farewell lol

September 14, 2019


Yeah . Iwas also thing about it but it doesn't really make sense

May 1, 2018


Duolingo is getting fun!! I mean, it was fun before but I'm loving all the references and sayings.

March 20, 2018


uhm. That was weird, and it confirmed something for certain that I thought I have been noticing in a number of exercises in duolingo: Duo told me I got the speaking exercise right... before I finished speaking!

I thought, in the past, that maybe I was just imagining this, that perhaps the software is SO fast that it was able to determine a result in such tight time. But here, I was just getting ready to say "fliege" (at the end of this exercise), and it was already popping up an answer -- that I was right!

I've also noticed that sometimes Duo seems to have trouble hearing me. A previous exercise in this set asked me to say "das Pferd" and I was pretty sure I said it, but only "das" changed to green; Pferd remained red.

And, of course, as others have noticed, sometimes Duo changes the word color to green (or red) out of order, or not at all. This is confusing, because I'd hope that this mechanism would tell me, somewhat accurately, which words I was saying correctly.

I appreciate that the people at Duo are working hard on this system, and this is ONLY feedback. I still love Duo, and I thank you for it!

May 5, 2018


I once sneezed and was marked correct. I turned speaking exercises off after that!

May 19, 2018


I spoke all the words in the completely wrong order; got all of them correct.

November 30, 2018


Hey there, for right pronunciation exercises try "the software of the ancient stone", it's not for free but you can see the wave graphic of your pronunciation compared with the right one. It's actually really "tedious" to get a right answer until you... really pronunciate well. It helped me a lot with English. Duo it's very good to take daily lessons and learn sentences quickly but not for pronunciation (yet?). Good luck!

July 13, 2019


Seems like this should accept, "bye" in addition to "goodbye".

March 15, 2018


Nope, Duolingo often doesn't accept answers that reflect linguistic differences from the language you are learning. In English, "bye" and "goodbye" aren't really interpreted differently. They're interchangeable. The same is true in German with interchangeability, however the latter is recognized as more polite and better for strangers rather than people you know. There's more of a distinction that is recognized. At least on Duolingo, they don't usually allow the same kind of flexibility as in English. To be on the safe side, use "tschüss" for a simple "bye" and "auf Wiedersehen" for "goodbye. Hope that helps and auf Wiedersehen! ;)

March 17, 2018


No because 'Bye' is 'Tschüss'.

June 21, 2018


Bye is the same as good bye.

October 8, 2018


It is so good when you have animals as a companion. =)

March 27, 2018


I love spiders. I have a big one in my backyard :) Don't know where the web is though..

August 8, 2018


You're on the web

December 4, 2018


Good one!

December 21, 2018


I don't understand why I haven't had any speaking exercises, or listening to a german audio, then writing what it said, or translating english to german in writing. It's been a while since I've had them!

August 9, 2018


Maybe check your settings and see if you have the "Microphone" and "Speaker" sections turned on.

July 20, 2019


I used 'Farewell', which didn't work..

August 30, 2018


More like Auf Wiedersehen, Spinne, Auf Wiedersehen, Fliege! Klein Spinne, danke.

September 26, 2018


Doesn't auf wiedersehen mean "See you later"?

September 27, 2018


bis spater = see you later aufwiedersehen = goodbye

October 18, 2018


The first "cheerful" and "weird" German sentence Ive encountered in Duolingo.

June 9, 2019


Press F for the fly....

July 2, 2019


This is deep.

July 4, 2019


Why can't we translate "auf Wiedersehen" as "see you later"?

October 5, 2018


"bis später" is the term used for "see you later." "auf Wiedersehen" is really for "Goodbye", it's not interchangeable.

April 27, 2019


auf wiedersehen means see you again?? isnt that wrong saying good bye

October 6, 2018


I don't understand what is fly?

December 31, 2018



муха in Russian and Ukrainian.

February 7, 2019


Haha, good work, dear Mod! :)

March 29, 2019


This is the wierdest sentence The first one I have encountered in German

June 21, 2019


Yay! I put farewell instead of goodbye and I got it wrong, hooray! ugh

August 8, 2019


What happened to Duolingo's ability to detect typos?

September 17, 2019
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