Why am I no longer receiving lingots for my 10 day streaks?

March 9, 2018


It doesn't work on app, just on web. If you complete your streak in your nnn0 - th day on web, then you get the nnn lingots

It hasn't worked on either for me :(
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Yes, use the web (or iOS) version every tenth day and complete your daily goal. Then immediately bring up the Android app and receive 1-5 additional lingots. Eventually you will claw back all the lingots you were ripped off. Apparently Duolingo chose to single out Android users as unworthy of streak rewards.
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Today I accidentally used the android app to reach 940 days and I can sadly confirm that the app is still not fixed and I lost out of 94 lingots as a result.

I will make sure that I use every ten days hereafter (as I have been doing every ten days prior).

Hmm, it's starting to seem like a glitch to everyone. Many people yesterday have said the same thing on why they aren't receiving lingots anymore. Afraid I can't help, I've tried.

It could be an AB test.

Yes, true it could be

Basically two websites try to "compete" with each other like say one will have a discussion area and one won't. They'll see which one works better for the community, then they'll see how the other website's users react and then say ours react. Understand?

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