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    Can someone explain this word to me?

    March 9, 2018


    It's a synonym to "aber" (eng: but), though it's not as much used in speech especially colloquial speech. It's not exactly outdated, but it sounds a bit posher/educated, something like that, it's difficult to explain. Maybe it's comparable to the use of "however".

    So while I don't use it as much with friends as "aber", I use it instead of "aber" when writing an essay for example.

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      However would be best explaination, but not used much now.
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      Hmm, I never thought about however as a word that's not used much. However, maybe if I think about it, I could agree. Or not.

      I think they were referring to the German word not being used much.
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      Thanks az-p, I got that.

      jedoch = however (literally!!)

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