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I finished my French Tree...

and I am a little disappointed. I finished on level 14 at 61% fluency and I guess I expected more fanfare. I have been reading some old post about an immersion option and I can't seem to find it. So I guess I will just keep going till I hit level 25 and finish all the stories, which by the way are doing wonders for my reading/listening comprehension skills. Did anyone else feel slightly let down?

March 9, 2018



Felicitations! Yes, I admit I also felt a bit disappointed/ underwhelmed when I finished my first tree. I think the game mechanics are a bit lacking in that area. Not sure what I was expecting, but some confetti or a little animation.. something... anything...would have been nice. Well, we are proud of you!


Yes, I think I would have loved a bit of confetti, anyway Merci!!


Here's your confetti...



Merci beaucoup!!! Je l'aime!!!


Ce n'etait pas un probleme! PRENDRE PLAISIR!


Aw, merci beaucoup!!!


Enjoy the confetti!


Sorry for my ignorance...but what is the French Tree?


Duo slang for the way the French lessons are arranged. ^^ When you've learned all the lessons, you say you've "finished the tree".


I'm new but is sounds like the tree is a big thing and you don't get what you deserved dang but. YOU HAVE A 40 DAY STREAK :O and your so good look at all your levels :O


The tree is a big deal and I started years ago and a dancing owl at the end, would have made all the difference. Bonne chance!!


Here's the owl.....

I'm too much XD


Hello! Welcome to Duolingo you fellow Duolingoist! (Help me catch it on!)

If you have questions are need help feel free to ask me or anyone else! ENJOY DUO!


Yes, the fluency bar is broken and not accurate. I am sure if it were though it'd be sky high! Keep practicing! Makes perfect!


Bravo, essayer d'arriver au moins au niveau 15. le niveau 15 est putot bien et aussi, utiliser cet application applele HelloTalk, c'est super! tu parle avec les gens qui ont deja le langue// bravo, try to get to at least level 15. level 15 is quite good and also use this app called Hellotalk. its super! you talk with people who already know the language


I did the entire Portuguese tree. Then I went to italki.com and I still am active there. But I have also now returned, as I couldn't stand to see my gamified fluency rating go down. So I decided to the the entire tree again and in further depth, doing all the timed drills. So I know by the time I am through the second time, I will be in the mid-sixties. But honestly, it is best to combine Duolingo with a more conversational program. Italki.com is great, especially if you invest in a teacher.


Congrats! Yes, I too expected a bit more celebration when I finished the French tree. I must say that the confetti and dancing owls are very nice - and posted just for you!!! Maybe Duolingo should hire Myah061!! If I ever finish my German tree I hope to have a big celebration.


I am working my way up, and hope to get better. I want to be conversationally fluent. I am pretty good at reading french, but suck at speaking it and writing it.


Congrats I am at level 24 and 68 percent fluency. I hope I get some confetti also. It is a lot of hard work.I finished my Spanish tree over one year ago.


I didn't know the fluency rate went that high! Goals


Finished my tree a couple of months ago... thought is that it ? I just keep on trying to keep everything gold. Got my fluency level up to 71% but still so much to learn... next target level 25!!


OMG 71%, have a lingot!!! whats amazing have you done any of the stories in the labs tab?


Yes, Ive read a few of them. I try to read and listen to anything as Im sure every little helps in some way


Congratulation! I am really slow learner. I haven't finished my French tree yet. It is maybe because I never start a new lesson if my tree is not all gold. And I get many repetitions from Duo every day. Sometimes is a bit frustrating.


Congratulation on finishing your french tree!!!!!!! :)

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