"My friends did not like my colleague."

Translation:Mes amis n'ont pas aimé mon collègue.

March 9, 2018

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[deactivated user]

    Why is it « aimé » instead of « aimés » ?


    Why would you use the Passé Composé here? I thought verbs like aimer are always in the Imparfait.


    If it were in imparfait it implies that your friends are in constant contact with, and continue to dislike your colleague whereas passé composé indicates they have met this person and disliked them - a past, specific, event. There is not enough context in the given sentence to justify imparfait.

    And, no, aimer is not always in the imparfait.


    Since when do we split up a compound verb "ont aimé" by putting 'pas' in between?


    Never mind! I've been sick and my brain just isn't working right.

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