"Son copain a mal à la gorge."

Translation:Her friend has a sore throat.

March 21, 2013

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bad throat. Does the french specifically mean sore. What if throat is bad but not sore.


From my understanding, "Avoir mal à quelque chose" means to have a pain in something, or to have a sore something. I'm having trouble imagining a context where you'd want to say you have a bad throat, not meaning sore, but I imagine it would be translated as "Avoir une mauvaise gorge" ou "Avoir une male gorge"

As to Dogstaruk, I don't know the context to which they're referring.


There's another similar question where I used 'sore' and it was marked wrong in favour of 'bad'. Here it's the other way round!


How often is "copain/copine" used to refer to "friend" instead of "boyfriend/girlfriend"?


Often. "Boyfriend/Girlfriend" can be translated by "Petit copain/ Petite copine", but it is not always the case. Basic translation is "ami" = friend though, when "copain" is more "familiar".


so should boyfriend/girlfriend be acceptable then?

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