Just recently returned to Duolingo after two or three years away. If I remember correctly there was an easy way to send messages to others -what happened to that? I also seem to remember you could get points for making short translations, anybody know where that went? Seems like significant changes while I was gone. Thanks.

March 9, 2018


Sad news.... both of them were discontinued.

Wonder if there is a chance if getting them re-instated??

They saddly made it very clear it's over. We were promised a new mean of communication, though, it was a little under a year ago… On the other hand, new and exciting fonctions, that were also promised, have arrived, and the great Duolingo community remains, even though it's not that easy to bond anymore.

Welcome back :)

Many people have asked and petitioned for them to be brought back, but Duolingo seem to have their minds made up on this one. It's not just a random decision, it was a purposeful decision, so it looks like they're not backing down at this point.

The Activity site where we could communicate with each other was such a unique feature of Duolingo that I sincerely hope it will be restored to us. I gained so much from having my mistakes corrected by native speakers as well as communicating with my followers, that I'm sure Duolingo will restore it. It will need better ground rules to protect it from spammers, but it was of immense help to everyone who used it properly.

Just one more further comment on this issue - If Duolingo were to return to a better way of communicating with each other - There may well be more members as well as more of us who might actually pay. Just a thought.

They were stopped. I really liked those functions :(

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