"Nimeni nu este fără de păcat!"

Translation:Nobody is without sin!

March 9, 2018

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Are double negatives always used in these kinds of situations in Romanian? I.e. nimeni nu? Although I suppose with fără in the sentence as well, it's technically a triple negative?

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And with "păcat" having a negative meaning, that makes four of them :)

Levity aside, yes, double negatives are always used like this. The two negatives (NIMENI + NU) don't make a positive. It is incorrect to skip the negation "nu". "fără" has nothing to do with this.

Here are more examples so you get used to double negatives:

  • NICIUN copil NU cântă acum. = No child is singing now.

  • NIMIC NU-mi place. = I like nothing. / I don't like anything.

  • NU merg NICĂIERI. = I go nowhere. / I don't go anywhere.

  • În deșert NU plouă NICIODATĂ. = It never rains in the desert.


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