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Tinycards Sort of Ruins Second Tries

So I've been using Tinycards for a bit and despite its flaws, of which there definitely are some (although it's new so, hopefully with time...), I find them a good resource to go to when trying to re-familiarize myself with older words - without having to redo an entire lesson.

One of my biggest grievances though is how that "help" you when you mess up typing out the translation by putting in greyed out lettering, "Type '_'" on text line. Having a Hint button or perhaps evening doing it after several failed attempts would be nice, but I'm screwing up the article or the spelling, I want to see if I can actually recall it properly before I'm told what the answer is.

Not the biggest deal, and again, IIRC it's a newer part of Duolingo, but still, I find it kind of annoying.


(I tried to find a feedback topic/discussion but couldn't so if this isn't the right protocol, apologies.)

March 9, 2018


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How exactly do you mean? If you get a card wrong, they ask it again with the answer in grey, but after that you're always required to get the card right once more, this time without the answer in grey. Personally I think that's a great way to learn new cards especially. If this isn't enough, of course you can just do the set of 5 cards again and see if you can finish it without getting anything wrong (and therefore never getting the hints), or you can click the 'strengthen' button so you'll only be asked your weakest cards from the whole deck.

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It's short for "if I remember correctly"

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