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  5. "我对历史不感兴趣。"


Translation:I am not interested in history.

March 9, 2018



Could some explain to me what's the purpose of 对? Seen it a few times. Every time i search the only meaning of dui is right so i am confuse


对 used here indicates how one emphasizes "towards" an object or target.

This character is in fact a preposition. See more here.


So in this case it is the idiomatic equivalent of "in" in the English. That is to say that "in" does not always translate into 对 or vice versa but in this specific case it does.


对 here is a preposition which means "towards".


It's also a preposition, like "at".


对 originally wrote a full verb meaning 'to face toward'. In sentences like this, it is a Coverb whose core meaning is 'toward'. The Coverb 对 functions much like an English preposition. As with other languages I've studied, prepositions cover a variety of uses that don't match with similar prepositions in other languages, hence the variety of meanings mentioned in other posts.


You probably found answers to your question; still, I'm posting this here for others : https://cn.hujiang.com/new/p529381/


i really hate it when they give you "interest" and "interested" or something so similar. when i read it quick i always select the wrong one. obviously you have to pay attention and translate it right but i feel like they just do it to trick you.


Is 感兴趣 and 兴趣 the same thing for the word interest?

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