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Headed to Kraków

I am headed to Kraków for two weeks for work. I wanted to thank everyone who has worked hard to make the Polish for English speakers Duolingo course a reality. My visit will be greatly enhanced because of this course.

I have found Polish to be very difficult but also very rewarding. The denclension of nouns is something that I have found particularly difficult. For those who would like an additional resource, Memrise has some user-created courses that may help including "Polish noun case names", "Polish Noun Declension - Feminine 1", "Polish Noun Declension - Masculine 1" and "Polish Neuter Noun Declension". The Memrise created courses are also useful for memorizing vocabulary, but do not teach the language (yay Duolingo!).

At the moment I am up to Nature/Feelings/V.Nouns, so I am little way away from the golden owl. I'll be back in a little while because I want to maintain what I have learned and eventually get that golden owl.

March 10, 2018



Chociaż wiele ludzi w Krakowie mówi po angielsku, mam nadzieję, że bedzie to dla ciebie dobra okazja do ćwiczenia polskiego.


Mam nadzieje, ze bedziesz miec udany pobyt w Krakowie :)


Good luck! Wishing you safe travels and looking forward to hearing how it goes language-wise!


Krakow is a beautiful city! I hope you enjoyed it! Good luck getting that Golden owl !


Próbuj! Naprawdę warto! Jest nawet przysłowie: Polska cnota: każdemu otworzyć wrota. Zapraszamy!


Kraków is very historical place for my family. Our grandmother was born there, we think. It is near to a place that should make the human heart to tremble: the Nazi extermination camps at Auschwitz. Will history books someday ignore it? My eyes are full as I consider the six Million who died for the Kiddush Hashem.


And I am in Września for the second time. Also must thank Duolingo for a lot that I know!!! I can understand a lot now, answer simple questions, I can even sing in Polish! Though I know I must have a terrible accent...

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