"Die Hexe könnte den Außerirdischen in einen Menschen verwandeln."

Translation:The witch could transform the alien into a human.

March 10, 2018

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    Note that while English uses "could" for both the subjunctive and past tense of "can", the two forms are different in German. Would someone like to test themselves explaining which form this is, and what the other would be? :)


    "könnte" is subjunctive mood and "konnte" is normal past.


    I am so struggling with some of this. I'll go for 'subjunctive' in answer to your question as it expresses the possibility of doing something rather than something having been done. Could you tell me why I can't say "The witch would be able to transform the alien into a human"? It isn't accepted, but I'm struggling to understand why it's different in mean from 'could'


    I think "The witch could transform the alien into a man." should be accepted because man doesn't always need to mean a male human. (And I suppose the alien in question is a male anyway in this sentence.)


    I think I'll never understand when I should use accusative and when dative with two-way prepositions. I give up on this.


    I'm sick of Duo getting so picky with endings on things like Mensch, Außerirdische, and other weak-nouns. They're just nasty little traps for non-native speakers for which a kind reminder- not automatically disqualifying a question as incorrect- would be of more help for my learning IMO.


    Science Fiction from Duolingo!


    Does anyone else find it irritating when the "correct" tone pings before you've even finished speaking ? I'd like at least the illusion that my pronunciation has to match the recording !

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