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What's your best language

What is people's favorait language

March 10, 2018



Since the question is located in the French forum: French!

I think it would be better if you moved the thread to the Duolingo forum because it is not about French (you as the starter of the thread can do it by "Edit").


Yes, you can change the forum by editing your post and clicking on Topic to change it to Duolingo. My favorite language is French or whatever I am learning at the moment. I really love them all. English is my first language so that is what I am best at, then French, then Spanish......


I agree with Heike333145, you should move this to the Duolingo forum instead of the French one.

My favourite language would have to be either French or Esperanto. Esperanto because I feel as if it comes naturally to me, and French because it is just such a beautiful language!


What language are you learning French from?


French is a beautiful language, but I am going to have to say that Spanish is my best language.as you can see I am learning French!


Latin. The first love is the best.

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