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Obwohl or trotzdem ?

Friends , there is a fine difference where to use Obwohl and where to use trotzdem .

Bitte sagen mir die Unterschied wenn man beide benutzen kann ?

March 10, 2018



"obwohl" is usually used like the English "although". "I am running, although I am tired" translates as "I renne, obwohl ich müde bin". Notice that the verb goes at the end after the obwohl part, because obwohl generally creates a Nebensatz.

"trotzdem" is usually used like the English "despite that". "Ich bin müde. Trotzdem renne ich". It is USUALLY used in a Hauptsatz, although it may be used in a Nebensatz as well. (The latter usage seems to be somewhat colloquial, though.)


I just dug out my notes from my A2.2 course that I took in Munich, Germany in December to check this, as I learned that there.

obwohl and trotzdem are both for Widerspruch (contradictions) / nicht erwartete Folge (unexpected outcome). There may be fine nuances as to which to use when, but the main difference I see is in the verb position, and also a restriction on nebensatz/hauptsatz. (Can't start a sentence with trotzdem.)

obwohl : Verb am Ende

trotzdem : Verb in 2. Position

Es regnet stark. Ich gehe spazieren.

Es regnet stark, trotzdem gehe ich spazieren.

Ich gehe spazieren, obwohl es stark regnet.

Obwohl es stark regnet, gehe ich spazieren.


Also with the above, you would use it on the part that is the unexpected outcome. It would be wrong to say "Ich gehe spazieren, trotzdem regnet es stark." Me going for a walk has no outcome on the rain. However, the heavy rain would have the expected outcome of having me not go for a walk in the heavy rain. "Es regnet stark, trotzdem gehe ich spazieren."

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