Rype App

There seem to be an enormous number of websites where one can arrange tutoring via Skype with a native French speaker. In particular, I'm considering Rype App ( Does anyone have experience with it, or with other similar sites?

Thanks in advance!

March 10, 2018


Busuu is supposed to be pretty good. I've toyed with it and it seems really good but somehow I never got "hooked" on it like I have with Duolingo. I don't think they have trained tutors, but they allow you to do conversation exchanges with native speakers.

Also check out iTalki, WeSpeke, and Speaky. Same as above - native speakers, not professional tutors.

For professional tutors (i.e. people trained in linguistics and pedagogy) check out Verbling.

If you do try out Rype App, please post a review! I'd be interested in hearing about your experience.

Great, thank you for the suggestions! Can you speak to the price of these options? (Rype had a pretty good trial offer, now I can't find it-- but the interface is extremely clunky!)

All of them have a free version except for Verbling. Pricing on Verbling is up to the individual tutors, and many of them offer special trial prices (i.e. an inexpensive 30 minute lesson).

Has anybody else noticed that Rype is a pretty bad name for a website? i mean, does nobody else notice the serious problem with that title? Like you know, it sounds really similar to a different english word?

First thing I thought of! And it appears to be a US-based company... the name didn't strike anyone as being less than ideal?

it sounds like rape.

I'm assuming they are going for ripe and not rape. I'm trying to figure out if it is legit or not though.

that rype app is a scam.

Which is best, iTalki or Rype?

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