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  5. "Not our man"

"Not our man"

Translation:Nicht unser Mann

March 21, 2013



What is wrong with Unser Mann nicht?


same question here...


To be honest I'm not completely sure myself (I got this wrong too), but if I had to guess I would say that 'nicht' being at the end of the sentence has something to do with the negation referring to the verb of the sentence:

'Das ist unser Mann nicht' - 'That is not our man' (the verb 'is' is negated) vs. 'nicht unser Mann' - 'not our man' ('our' is negated)

Although it seems that 'nicht' could still go before 'unser' in the first example... Let me ask someone about that.


My girlfriend gave a vague confirmation of this, but this might be more helpful as it is much more comprehensive: http://german.about.com/od/grammar/a/The-Position-Of-Nicht.htm

TL;DR: "Nicht is an adverb, and so you will always find it either before or after a verb, adjective or fellow adverb. It usually precedes an adverb or an adjective, but likes to settle after conjugated verbs."

It also explains that nicht can go at the end of a declarative sentence, i.e. stating a fact. That's probably why we've seen this construction before; nearly everything we're translating so far are declarative sentences. (I think, unless I'm wrong and 'declarative' is some kind of linguistics jargon...)

Hope this helped!


Yup, I got that question too.


What is the difference between Unser and Unsere?


unser- for masculine/neuter; unsere- for feminine/plural

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