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"Tenemos que leer muchos libros en esta clase."

Translation:We have to read many books in this class.

March 11, 2018



Why can't I use "a lot of"?


Muchos means "a lot of" but it was not accepted in my answer


I see that many other students have asked the same thing. Why not 'a lot of books' ? it's accepted in every other Duolingo exercise!


We must read many books in this class. Should be accepted


I agree. For a long time, I translated "tener que" as always "to have to...". Then, Duo itself offered up the translation "must". I checked on spandict.com they also say they are equivalent.
Now Duo must get some consistency.


In previous lesson, "clase" insist on classroom, and in this lesson it was mark wrong when I keyed in classroom. ??


You probably won't physically be in the classroom when you do the reading that is required for the course.


How do we say "We have to read books a lot in this class" ? I mean a lot of reading


Maybe "Tenemos que leer mucho libros en esta clase." Mucho as an adverb.


My answer should be accepted.


¿Qué fue su respuesta?


I did this as a tapping exercise and my answer disappeared so that I couldn't check where I had gone wrong. GRRR.


Why is "este clase" marked correct? Shouldn't "esta clase" be the only correct answer?


I think Duo has been feeling the heat regarding marking typos wrong, so the engine now allows a single typo in Spanish. However, in some cases, like this one, the word with the typo is a recognized word, but a wrong one nevertheless. It's going to make learning Spanish more difficult.


In one of previous duo's task there was the note of old woman, English spoken, that she remember from her school studying time, that the right phrase should be: "We have to read a lot of books to this class". I've understood it as: we have to read a lot of books on vacations to be ready for the next school year. This point of view is more realistic, becuse now there is no such roole to read books in classroom. Duo developers: please didcuss this note and, if possible, add 'to this class' as valid answer. Thanks, Regards, AO.

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