"He has a pair of green pants."

Translation:Il a un pantalon vert.

March 11, 2018

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"un"="a" "il a un"="he has a"


With just about every session I do of this program, I find its more or less me having to get the answer wrong about 4 times so I remember how to write it correctly from the answer for the 5th or 6th time. This is because when I click the french word, the options it gives me don't always match the context of the sentence, I don't know french language contexts, why provide me with incorrect word options? This whole application is like this. I've been trying to learn french with this since around 2013, but I get so frustrated with it.


I only click the word to see the translations once or twice a year. When I'm speaking French with people I can't click on words so I have to rely on my brain.


I would suggest using the website through a browser and looking at the Tips & Notes section for each lesson


I understand your frustration, I'm having the same problem but maybe try memorize it like a student again, write it out around 10 times and the spelling should start making sense / become easier!~


Why not, "Il a un jean vert"?


How can a 'pair of green pants' translate to 'il a 1 pantolon vert'?


Well, a pair of pants means just one piece of clothing, right?


It is related to an algorithm glitch that recognises numerals -1, 2, 3 etc - but cannot tell the difference between un = a/an or 1.


I wanted to write

"Il a un couple des pantalon vert."

Can you tell me what is wrong with that ? Isn't it true to say "a pair of green pants" ?


Technically that's also wrong (on two levels actually);

c'est comment dit on "he has a couple of green pant" en anglais

what you really want is "Il a une paire des pantalons vert" (although now I'm debating whether it should be vert or verte, I think it's vert because it's not the pair that's green but the pants)


What is so hard to understand? It's called pantS in English but in french to describe the article of clothing that goes on your legs is called "pantalon". Fashion designers will frequently use "pant" to describe the garment. It's just not as common as it used to be in English but that doesn't mean it's wrong to say pantalon in French. A pair of pants is one unit of clothing in English. Un pantalon is the same. Both are singular.


I originally typed du instead of un. After reading the comments I think it's because a pair of pants reads as plainly in French (un pantalon) as we say a shirt (for example). Hope this helps


"Il a des pantalons verts" is this really incorrect?

I find there being two ways to say "trousers" very confusing!

I'm a Brit..... pants are what we wear underneath our trousers ;}

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