"You are closing the bag."

Translation:Tú cierras la bolsa.

10 months ago



"cerrá la bolsa." This was given as a solution on 11/03/2018 but there was no appropriate option to report it.

10 months ago


"Tu vas a cerrar la bolsa" was the correct answer that Duolingo provided to me when my own answer was wrong. (On June 5th 2018). I'm confused since this answer seems to be in the future tense (You are going to close the bag).

7 months ago

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The present progressive tense in English can be used to refer to the future, that's why.

1 week ago


Why isn't it "tu cerrando la bolsa" if it is in the process of happening?

5 months ago


To form the present progressive in Spanish, combine a form of “estar” with the present participle.

Informal you. "Tu estás cerrando la bolsa."

Formal you singular."Usted está cerrando la bolsa"

From a reliable source here.


5 months ago
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