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  5. "You are closing the bag."

"You are closing the bag."

Translation:Tú cierras la bolsa.

March 11, 2018



Tu cierras la maleta. La maleta is interchangeable as "bag" in all other discourses, but wrong here. Please fix.


Still not fixed as of 23/12/2020.


Still not fixed 24 February 2021


Why tu cierras la maleta is not correct? La maleta = la bolsa?


When would you say this? Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that I can't think of an instance when this would be said. If a director was instructing an actor in a play or a movie.

You're upstage left.

You're closing the bag.

The door opens stage right.

Frank walks in carrying the shotgun from the mantle.

But seriously folks how often are we directing plays? Or acting as gamemaster in a role playing game? In most circumstances the person closing the bag is aware that they are doing so. And don't need us to inform them.

And it's not just this sentence it seems that every other sentence in the duolingo spanish class is a declarative statement to the person who is doing the thing we're telling them they're doing.

I am wondering if this is a feature of duolingo or of spanish and in either case why it's happening?


Porque no tu estas cerrando la bolsa?

  1. porque = because and por qué = why
  2. Tú estás cerrando la bolsa is a valid and accepted answer


"cerrá la bolsa." This was given as a solution on 11/03/2018 but there was no appropriate option to report it.


"Tu vas a cerrar la bolsa" was the correct answer that Duolingo provided to me when my own answer was wrong. (On June 5th 2018). I'm confused since this answer seems to be in the future tense (You are going to close the bag).


The present progressive tense in English can be used to refer to the future, that's why.


Why isn't it "tu cerrando la bolsa" if it is in the process of happening?


To form the present progressive in Spanish, combine a form of “estar” with the present participle.

Informal you. "Tu estás cerrando la bolsa."

Formal you singular."Usted está cerrando la bolsa"

From a reliable source here.



Hm, I am sure I had used the pronoun and estar + cerrando in a previous exercise and DL told me another correct answer would be without those two words? Maybe I need to keep track of the right answers as well as the wrong answers...


Sometimes the "right" answer that pops up when you're marked wrong is either wrong itself or really weird. I find checking the comments is most helpful to see alternative translations.


Usted esta cerrando la bolsa was counted as wrong


I'd love to see a screenshot of what you submitted along with Duo's response.

I'm trying to capture evidence to file a bug report, but so far it has not happened to me that a correct answer has been marked as incorrect.


I don't know how to get back to it to get the screen shot.


Please try to do get one if it happens again for any sentence. Thanks!


Why can the bag be either "el bolso" or "la balsa"?


I have no idea why it can be either gender. Check Spanish Dictionary. IT gets into details and actively teaches, not just corrects you.


I put "eres cerrando la bolsa. Why does eres cerrando not fit here?


The progressive is formed by the conjugation of estar and the gerund.
So, estás cerrando


Wrote Maleta! Wrong? 4 Jan 2021

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