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German Learning Materials.

Please, recommend me some good materials for learning German.

March 11, 2018



I watch a lot of videos in German on YouTube.

Here are a few that I use:

Get Germanized

Learn German with Anja

Wanted Adventure

Deutsche Welle (This one is German only)

I also like to read Wikipedia articles in German. I don't necessarily understand it all, but I do recognize words within the articles.

Good Luck!


Wanted Adventure? No thank you. Her pronounciation hurts my ears. She obviously has not been using German as her main language, despite living there for over a decade.

[deactivated user]


    Themen Aktuell

    Colloquial German

    Deutsche Welle website

    Coffee Break German


    Apart from all of those mentioned above, i've found readlang to be very useful, since it allows you to translate given words you don't understand from a any given text either within the site or outside of it using the toolbar

    [deactivated user]

      Readlang ist toll. Die Zeitschrift, Der Spiegel, ist noch zu schwer zu lesen, aber Readlang ist hilftreich. Danke!


      Here's a curated list of a lot of different types of materials - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24336702

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