"Ninapenda chakula toka Zanzibar"

Translation:I love food from Zanzibar

March 11, 2018

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Why is it incorrect to say "I love food from Zanzibar"?


I think it is perfectly correct without "the". Please report it. (I just did, 4 July 2018.)


"THE food" is actually even wrong here, isn't it? Wouldn't native speakers omit it?


Not necessarily - it would depend on the context. To me, "the food" is more likely to be about the typical cuisine. Compare "I love the food and the people".


Shouldn't this be 'kutoka'?


I think kutoka is more common but toka is also correct


I love food from Zanzibar is correct and should be accepted. "The" is optional in English


I have read that nearly all words in Swahili are stressed in the penultimate syllable. So far so good, as I have only found one exception (which is LAZIMA, stress in the first "A"), but it seems (from the voice recorded for this sentence) that ZANZIBAR is pronounced like in English: zAnzibar.
Is this correct? And: would you be able to provide any additional example of words whose stress is not in the penultimate syllabe?
Thanks in advance! Have a nice day! :)


Yeah, zanzibar is not a native Swahili word. That “r” on the end is a giveaway that it hasn’t been adapted to Swahili phonology.

Some other words that, as far as I’ve heard, are stressed on another syllable:

mahákama “judge”
kadhálika “like that”
wákati “time” (sometimes pronounced like “wakti” ... I believe the Arabic word it comes from is basically “wakt”)


Good to know! Thanks :)

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